Who is Samuel Rikard?

From an early age, Samuel Rikard was drawn to the realm of fantasy. Monsters and magic, or star ships and warlords, there was nothing too far fetched or out of reach. In his early teens he was introduced to Live Action Role Play. Finding this new and exciting world, he felt at home. Before long he began writing, first details about his characters, then short stories or in game missives, he developed a style. After high school he joined the military, where he trained exclusively with demolitions. Realizing that wasn't the life for him, he came home and began the quest for happiness. With his love of storyline, he decided to write a book.
Through chance, fate, happenstance, whatever you want to call it, he made some professional contacts and began to learn about the industry. Proving his dedication, and his ability to learn, he was offered a contract. One turned into two, and two became three. Before long, he had a full list of industry professionals.
When working with reputation, hes know as the man to get things done. When he's not writing, he's working as a mechanic and raising his daughter, Breanna. They live in Southwest Missouri with their cat, Alona.

​​2018 Scheduled Appearances

ABC Books- April 14th, 11am Springfield, MO

Bookmarx - May 4th, 5pm Springfield, MO​

Library Con - August 18th Springfield, MO

More will be scheduled as they draw near

Tentative Release Dates

The Wererat's Tale: Book 4 - Tiers of Valdore (AB)

Completed - Awaiting Release Date

Nightking: Book 1 - (Title May Change) (EL)
June 2018

Nightking: Book 2 - (Title May Change) (EL)

September 2018

Bloodlines: Book 1 (EL)
December 2018

The Wererat's Tale: Book 5 (AB)  

The Eldarlands D20 RPG (EL)

Grimthal: An Orc Story (AB)

Bloodlines: Book 2 - Tides of Magic (EL)

The Wererat's Tale: Book 6 (AB)   

Ozmodius (EL) 

The Demon Wars (EL)   

Rebirth (EL)  

The War of Shadows (EL) 

Abyss Walker Series (AB) Eldarlands Series (EL)

​​​What I've been up to Lately?

I'm a jack of all trades. I do a little bit of everything. And when I find something I don't know how to do, I learn. Sadly, this leaves me stretched a bit thin at times, but I still make time to be productive.

I'm what you'd call a hybrid author. That means I'm both traditionally and self-published. I won't go into details about the difference between the two, but I will say the self-published side keeps me frequently busy. Writing the story is surprisingly the easy part. Once that's done, I have to find editors and cover artist, and the most dreaded part of all... marketing. Lately I spent a fair amount of my time studying the market in a desperate attempt to find the patterns and mimic them as best I can. I've had some luck in this endeavor, but there's always more to learn.

My most recent release launched in February. I named it Shields. Imagine a modern day world, only elves and orcs still exist, hidden away from human knowledge. That was the premise for Shields. At least until a mystical drug got out,which allows the humans to perceive the others. I wanted an 80s buddy cop story mixed with fantasy. And I'm happy to announce the Shields became everything I'd hoped it would be. We ended up with Miami Vice with a fantasy twist. 

I ran into a few problems with the final format of this book. This was the first time I'd hired an outside cover artist and unfortunately things didn't get completed on time. I ended up throwing a cover together just to hit the release date and I'm happy to say the new cover will be applied as soon as possible. With any luck, and applying the techniques I've been researching, this book will do well. 

Despite my numerous irons in the fire, I'm always spending as much time as I can on the next book. This one is unique compared to my others, as this is the first book I ever wrote. Though I'm going through to update it with my current skill level... which is basically a complete rewrite. But it's moving forward and should be ready for editing in the near future.

As of right now I'm calling this one Nightking, but I expect the title to change as I draw closer to release. One thing that will make this book, and its sequel, different from my others is, while it's an indirect spin-off from the Eldarlands books, specifically The Order of the Trident Trilogy, I will not be published by Eldarlands Publishing. Happy Duck Publishing will be doing me the honors of allowing me to officially join their team of phenomenal authors, and I look forward to having my name listed among theirs. This doesn't mean Eldarlands Publishing is going anywhere. I simply wish to publish the core Eldarlands books myself, and continue to grow elsewhere while I'm at it.

Once I get the Nightking Books finished, I'll be returning my attention to The core Eldarlands Series in the hopes of completing the second installment, titles Bloodlines. It will follow the tale of three members of the eldar races with distinctly different backgrounds. In a world flooded by corruption, they find themselves working to restore the balance in their our and unique ways. But nothing is ever easy. Each one will be tested and tried many times over, until eventually they'll either succeed or die trying. Either way the world will never be the same again.

I was pleased to learn not long ago that a project I worked on a few years ago has finally come to completion. My name is officially published in a Role Playing Handbook. If you'd like to take a look, you'll find it in the Castles and Crusades - The Hallowed Oracle Handbook.