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​SamuelRikard.com E-Signings

An E-Signing is a service for fans who are unable to meet me during my book signing tour and still desire a signed copy.
To have a book signed or personalized, simply send me a message with your request, including shipping address and desired titles. Once I've received payment for the book(s), I'll sign/personalize it and ship it out.
E-Signings are a great opportunity for fans and collectors who can't afford to attend one of the many locations during my tour.


Q: What are you working on now?
A: I just finished Shields. This year is going to be a building year for me. I'm looking to get about 4 fantasy books written, but will only publish half of this this year.

Q: Can you critique/edit my manuscript or help improve my writing?
A: I don't mind offering advice. But I'm not looking to be a paid editor at this point in time.

Q: You have a lot of big name friends. Can you tell me how to get my foot in with a big production like Star Wars?
A: Easiest answer, no! It's a long and complicated legal battle. Pursue your own work first. If they want you, they'll approach you.

Q: Is Samuel Rikard your real name?
A: Samuel is my middle name. Growing up, I used to hate being called by it. It usually meant I was in trouble. But these days it feels weird to be called anything else.