Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are you working on now?
A: I'm always searching for new and easier methods to keep my marketing platform up to date and running smoothly. While reading and studying market trends, other books that pertain to what I'm doing, and learning as much as I can to shape my skills and bring you the most enjoyable reading experience, I'm still writing. I just finished my fourth novel this year and now I'm doing some fine tuning on another that I wrote a few years ago but never published. If all goes according to plan, that'll be six books in the year 2017.

Q: How did you break into publishing?
A: I started with the idea, "I'm going to write a book." So I started writing with no knowledge of the industry or ideas as to what I was getting myself into. My brother introduced me to a local author and told him I was writing a book. We had a brief conversation and he asked me a few questions about my manuscript, to which I didn't have the answers. That night I went to my computer and got the answers. With my first pieces to the puzzle of being a professional, it changed the entire format of my manuscript. I kept writing and kept learning and a few years later that same author gave me a short test. He had me write a 500 word script. We went over it piece by piece until I learned what I was doing. From there I was offered a contract. And then another. Before long, I had a fair resume in the industry. This year, I branched into self publishing and continue to learn more about the business every day, though I continue to do contract work from time to time.

Q: Can you critique/edit my manuscript or help improve my writing?
A: I wouldn't be where I am today had someone not taken me under their wing and shown me the ropes. One day I hope to do the same. Though not just anyone can handle it. There's a lot to learn and a lot of rejection along the way. That said, I don't mind offering advice here and there, but I am not an editor. Moreover, my skills have been honed toward my genre. What may be right for my work, may not be suitable for another genre or nonfiction.

Q: You have a lot of big name friends. Can you tell me how to get my foot in with a big production like Star Wars?
A: Not really. I went down this road on my first book. It's extremely rare for a first time author to get signed by one of these big companies. If they're looking for writers, most often they want someone with several successful books under their name. To make matters harder, even if your work is phenomenal, they can't even read it for legal reasons. If they have existing storyline that has yet to be released and your work follows a similar path, they could be held accountable for infringement. They're not going to risk it by reading what could be the next big thing. The best advice I can offer is to write your own original fiction. Your odds of selling will be much better with your own work and in many regards it will be much more satisfying.

Q: Is Samuel Rikard your real name?
A: Samuel is my middle name. Growing up, I used to hate being called by it. It usually meant I was in trouble. But these days it feels weird to be called anything else.

Q: Will you sign my book?
A: I've always had a problem with celebrities who charge for an autograph or picture. When I first started making a name for myself, I said I would never do that. No matter how big I get, I will never charge a fan for something that I consider “part of the job”. So, yes, I will sign your book. And 'nearly' anything else you'd like signed as well. You can make arrangements on the “E-Signings” section of my website, or check the “What's New” section to find when I'll be near you.

Q: I'd like to meet you in person!
A: I attend several conventions and book signings throughout year. Check the "What's New" section of my website to find out where I'll be! Don't see a listing close to you? Contact your local convention and request they book me for their next show.

Q: How can I get on your mailing list?
A: You can subscribe to my mailing list from the “E-Signings” section of my website. Also, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for my latest updates.

Q: Can I Friend you on Facebook?
A: Of coarse! I don't have “fans”, I have friends. I enjoy to have fun and live life. If you're down with that, then you're welcome to join in.

Q: Can you name a character after me?
A: Everyone wants to be immortalized in a book and while I wish it were possible, using real people can quickly become a legal nightmare. I've done my homework and know the basics around it, but I cannot pretend to understand it all. So, with respect, I have to say, no. If I use a real person in my stories, I do so with personal friends who I hold at great value as a way to express my care for them. And never without their permission. Besides, if I were to write about everyone I've ever met, it wouldn't that special of a thing.

Q: If I write you, will you write back?
A: The best I can say is, I'll try. I stay fairly busy most days and sometimes forget to check my inbox. But once I find it, I'm guaranteed to read it and I'll reply with time permitting.

Q: I can't find your books in the bookstore. Where can I get them?
A: I've been working to increase the number of stores carrying my books. Unfortunately I'm but one man against an insurmountable number of locations. You can request your local book stores or librarys to stock them. If that doesn't work, you can always get them yourself from my website or