The Forge of Feasts: A Dwarven Guide to Grubbery

This one of a kind cookbook is set in Shane Moore's Abyss Walker world. Every recipe within is an accurate and authentic representation of some of the foods you might find in a fantasy world. A large number of the recipes were crafted and written by Master Chef, Ryan O'Day, while a few others were supplied by author, Samuel Rikard during the creation of this unique book.
If you like cooking, word search puzzles, and fantasy stories, you'll love this book.

The Order of the Trident

Plagued by troubled pasts, a band of would-be heroes come together to stand united against the forces that seek to destroy their lands. Against all odds they manage to cut a foothold into the enemy ranks, demanding respect from both friend and foe. All the while agents of darkness prepare a final assault. If they achieve their goals the light will be snuffed out, leaving the world in eternal darkness. But at what cost is success measured? The heroes must stand and fight. Not because they choose to, but because without them the world is lost. When the dust settles, it's their choices that will determine the outcome of this war. And only then will they have the slightest idea as to what is happening beneath the surface.


The streets of Miami are turned upside down when a new drug, Pandora, hits the market. Ray, an undercover narcotics detective, is forced to take the back seat when a secretive federal agent shows up to handle the case. But things quickly get out of hand when Ray discovers this agent isn’t who he claims to be. Can they work through their differences and stop distribution? Or will the world be thrust into a new dark age, an age of Elves?

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Dammit Bre!

Anyone who thinks parenthood is easy has clearly never had children. From cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, preparing dinner, and ensuring everyone is still alive at the end of the day, you might as well be a superhero. Though good luck being recognized as such. That goes double for those single parents whom carry the weight of the world all by themselves. 
In this collection of anecdotes, you’ll find a good balance of hilarious and truthful tales of a single father raising his little girl in a world that so desperately wants you to fail. When it comes to parenting, there’s no other profession that demands so much, and rewards so little.

Fantasy Novels
The Order of the TridentExodus

Life after Irayth hasn’t been easy. Between the loss of brothers, and preparing for future threats, the dreuslayers struggle to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. 
But none of that matters when the wicked dreualfar emerge to walk the surface world elsewhere. Thrust into a new land, they find themselves in the middle of a new war with an old enemy.
Plagued by decisions past, the dreuslayers must overcome their internal strife and work together to stop the dreualfar once and for all. Only then, can they force the enemy back into the dark and seal their fate as The Order of the Trident!

The Order of the TridentSpeculum

The defeated dreualfar armies have retreated into the underdark catacombs, leaving an unnatural calm to settle on the lands of Dalmoura. But no matter how bright things seem, unimaginable power lurks beneath the surface. Steeped in evil and poised to strike, the dark god, Izaryle discovers the prison has been unlocked. But that doesn’t mean the realm is ripe for the taking. Fate can be cruel, and patience is a virtue. If the god is to escape and claim vengeance over his brothers, he must call an unlikely band of heroes to do his bidding.
Will the Dreuslayers march headlong into a world of shadow in hopes of crippling the dark god, or will they fall prey to his design? Either way it’s a journey that’s going to leave them forever changed.