The Wererat's Tale II - Ring of the Nonul

After the failure to secure justice for her slain parents, Kellacun retires to a small farm family to start a new life. Just as she starts to fit in and feel loved again, the long arm of the duke's villainy prey upon her new family, awakening a dark monster within her. With new resolve for vengeance, Kellacun returns to the city that created the monster within. She returns for her justice. With a master of disguise controlling the mighty golem, Koch'Nonul (based off of Pete Koch from Heartbreak Ridge), The wererat thieves guild run by her former enemy Pavcious, and the deadly assassin, Grascon the Nimble following her every move, will Kellacun finally have her justice, or will she be cut down like all of those before her. Exciting sequel in the highly acclaimed Abyss Walker series; The Wererat's Tale.Type your paragraph here.

​​The Forge of Feasts-The Dwarven Guide to Grubbery

A cookbook inspired by the dwarves of the Abyss Walker series
Hammer, axe, sword, and spoon! This collection of hearty and beard-friendly recipes will satisfy the hunger of any stout fellow or stocky maiden. The Forge of Feasts invites you to go where no human chef has cooked...Shane Moore's best selling Abyss Walker world! So, tuck yer beard in yer belt and fire up the forge! Amerix Stormhammer says “It be time to feast!”


​​​The Wererat's Tale I - Of Rats and Men

Under a silver sickle moon of a late summer's eve, Joshua professes his plan to whisk Kellacun away from her life of poverty. But, as the duke's plans to arrest them come to a murderous end, Kellacun learns more about them in death than she ever did in life. Will Joshua stand by her side as she seeks justice for her slain family, or will he reveal himself as a conspirator in their deaths? This is one woman's story. This is the story of Kellacun.

The Order of the Trident: Exodus​

Life after Irayth hasn’t been easy. Between the loss of brothers, and preparing for future threats, the dreuslayers struggle to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

But none of that matters when the wicked dreualfar emerge to walk the surface world elsewhere. Thrust into a new land, they find themselves in the middle of a new war with an old enemy. Plagued by decisions past, the dreuslayers must overcome their internal strife and work together to stop the dreualfar once and for all. Only then, can they force the enemy back into the dark and seal their fate as The Order of the Trident!

​Dammit Bre!

A large majority of our population is raised by single parents these days. In this book, you'll find a collection of short stories from my life as a single parent. I explore the highlights of raising a child, both good and bad. I cover the joys of parenthood, the exhaustion of keeping a semi-clean house, trying to date, and interacting with public schools and other entities that seem to believe they know what's better for my child than me.
This book is packed full of emotion. Step into the pages and relive your favorite moment through someone else's perspective. You're guaranteed to laugh, and quite possible cry. These stories cover the first nine years of my life as a parent. Perhaps you can learn something from them. Or maybe it'll make you think twice before becoming a parent yourself. Either way you should do yourself a favor and have a look.

From the Back Cover: The life of a single parent can be one of exhaustion, loneliness, fear, or a variety of other emotions. But it can also be one of joy, excitement, and love. It’s up to you to decide. The stories in this book are no exception. Some will bring you to tears, while other will have you laughing out loud.
Take a look inside and reclaim some of the finest, or most dreaded moments you’ve experienced as a parent.

The Wererat's Tale III - The Collar of Perdition

Following her promise to the Nonul, Kellacun finds herself in a foreign land surrounded by the most deadly of all cults — The Al'Kalidian. The young rogue must plunder a tomb and claim its treasure but she finds more than she bargained for. The exciting third book in "The Wererat's Tale" saga.

Kellacun's journey will continue In The Wererat's Tale IV - Tiers of Valdore.

The Order of the Trident A.R.C.

The Order of the Trident ​

Locked away in his prison, the dark god Izaryle summons an otherwise peaceful race to uncover the doorway to his banishment. Twisting their bodies and corrupting their minds, they spread across the realm like a plague.
Driven by revenge, the bloodthirsty captain, Gareth gathers a band of misfits to hunt a dragon. What they find in the beast’s lair will forever change their fates. A lost relic calls the wicked Dreualfar to their doorstep.

Forced into action, this band of mercenaries must serve as the last protectors of a doomed land.Can they hold off the forces of evil and discover the threat lurking beneath the surface? Or will they succumb to the darkness that slowly surrounds them?

The Forge of Feasts: A Dwarven Guide to Grubbery

The Order of the Trident: Speculum

Izrayle’s prison has been opened and his influence has taken hold throughout the lands. In order to stop the spread of corruption, the Dreuslayers must enter and attempt to cripple the god himself.
Bloodied and alone, Gareth wanders the catacombs, while Ravion locates a piece of his past and attempts to reforge his broken home. In the northern lands of Tulgar, Krenin fights for his freedom, losing more of himself with each victory. All the while, Kane struggles to find himself, leaving the lands of Marbayne unattended and open for attack.

Unaware of what awaits them, they must reunite and march into battle as one, or be crushed individually.Can they find their way and step into a realm of uncertainty? And if they do, will they find their way home? Or is it all just a fool’s errand that will leave them lost in a land ruled by shadow?