What I've been up to Lately?

I'm a jack of all trades. I do a little bit of everything and when I find something I don't know how to do, I learn. Sadly this leaves me stretched a bit thin some days but I still make time to be productive. So, without giving away too many spoilers I'll begin with my current, and probably the project I've been working on the longest.

Since my release of The Order of the Trident in October 2016, things have been insane. I hit the Top 100 on Amazon and it just skyrocketed everything. I was put on a deadline to get the next book in that story released. I spent the remaining two weeks of October finishing The Wererat's Tale 4. Decent timing for a complete rewrite. And I'm told it will be released soon. I went to work writing The Order of the Trident: Speculum on November 1st. The final words found their place on December 30th. I sent a 96k word manuscript to my editor and set a new record for myself. About a week before February, he send the completed manuscript back to me and we went to print. It hit the Top 100 on its first day out.

Aside from managing my current books and studying market trends, I've been spending a fair amount of time reading and preparing for my next books. The Order of the Trident: Exodus has been finished and it currently available on Amazon, which makes it the third and final installment. While it concludes that section of the story, it's not the last you'll hear of those characters. I have an entire world mapped out and ready to show you, complete with thousands of characters and conflicts.

After finishing The Order of the Trident: Speculum (The second book in the series), I began writing a slightly different style of book than what I've become known for. I wrote a collection of short stories about life as a single parent. For those that don't already know, I've raised my daughter since birth. She's never met her mother, which means it's always been just me and her. Over the past nine years I've accumulated a few tales of woe, so to speak. And what better way of letting you guys know who I am than by opening a window into my world. Dammit Bre! hit the number one spot on Amazon's Hot New Releases within the first five minutes it became available. Since then it's idled in the top five in new books and averages around forty for paid books.

The next part of my Eldarlands Series takes place several thousand years before The Order of the Trident. But that doesn't mean you won't already know some of the characters. In Bloodlines, the creation of the eldar races has the lands of Ur in an unbalanced state. On the brink of destruction, the gods task them with restoring balance. Three warriors from completely different backgrounds come together to unite the free peoples in a fleeting attempt to save their home from the forces threatening to tear it apart. Whether they win or lose one thing remains certain. This will be a war of magic. And our heroes will have to resist the tide or be swept away.

​​​2017 Scheduled Appearances

Ozark Empire Fair- August 12th Springfield, MO

Tri-Con - September 8-10 Evansville, IN​

ToyMan Toy Show - September 24th St. Louis, MO

Visioncon - February 23-25 2018 Branson, MO
More will be scheduled as they draw near

Tentative Release Dates

The Wererat's Tale: Book 4 - Tiers of Valdore (AB) Completed - Awaiting Release Date

The Order of the Trident: Exodus (EL)
Completed - August 2017

The Wererat's Tale: Book 5 (AB)  

The Eldarlands D20 RPG (EL)


Bloodlines (EL)  

Grimthal: An Orc Story (AB)

Tides of Magic (EL)

The Wererat's Tale: Book 6 (AB)   

Ozmodius (EL) 

The Demon Wars (EL)   

Rebirth (EL)  

The War of Shadows (EL) 

Abyss Walker Series (AB) Eldarlands Series (EL)